A Comprehensive Guide to Richmond International Airport Terminals

As an expert in the aviation industry, I have had the opportunity to visit and analyze various airports around the world. One airport that has caught my attention is the Richmond International Airport in Virginia. This airport serves as a major hub for travelers in the state and is a popular choice for those flying in and out of Richmond.

The History of Richmond International Airport

Before we dive into the number of terminals at Richmond International Airport, let's take a brief look at its history. The airport was originally known as the Richard Evelyn Byrd Flying Field when it opened in 1927. It was later renamed to Richmond Municipal Airport and then finally to its current name in 1984. Over the years, the airport has undergone several expansions and renovations to accommodate the growing number of passengers.

Today, it is a modern and efficient airport that offers a range of amenities and services to its travelers.

The Number of Terminals at Richmond International Airport

Now, let's get to the main question - how many terminals does Richmond International Airport have? The answer is two. The airport has two main terminals - Terminal A and Terminal B.

Terminal A

is the original terminal building that was built in 1950. It underwent a major renovation in 2007 and now serves as the main terminal for domestic flights. It has 15 gates and handles airlines such as American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airways, and United Airlines.

Terminal B

, also known as the North Terminal, was built in 1976 and underwent a major expansion in 2007. It serves as the international terminal for Richmond International Airport and has 14 gates.

Airlines such as Allegiant Air, Southwest Airlines, and Spirit Airlines operate from this terminal. Both terminals are connected by a walkway and are easily accessible for passengers. The airport also has a third terminal, known as the South Terminal, which is used for general aviation and private aircraft.

What to Expect at Richmond International Airport

Richmond International Airport may not be the largest airport in the country, but it offers a range of amenities and services to make your travel experience comfortable and convenient. For those looking to grab a bite to eat or do some shopping, there are several options available at the airport. Terminal A has a food court with various fast-food options, while Terminal B has a sit-down restaurant and a bar. There are also several shops selling souvenirs, books, and other items. The airport also offers free Wi-Fi throughout the terminals, making it easy for travelers to stay connected.

There are also charging stations available for those who need to charge their electronic devices. If you have some time to spare before your flight, you can visit the Virginia Aviation Museum located within the airport. It showcases the history of aviation in Virginia and is a great way to pass the time.


In conclusion, Richmond International Airport has two main terminals - Terminal A and Terminal B. Both terminals offer a range of amenities and services to make your travel experience smooth and enjoyable. So next time you're flying in or out of Richmond, be sure to explore these terminals and all that they have to offer.